Packaging methods

The packaging methods of vitsakissnails are:

• 1kg / net (Total net weight of the plastic box kg)
• 15kg or 17kg / Sack – net (Net weight of plastic box 15kg or 17kg)

The sacks are placed in disposable plastic boxes, in which the snail can breathe. Disposable plastic boxes are placed on a pallet (1m x 1m x 1.20m). The total weight of the pallet is usually from 750kg to 850kg depending on the package (sack weight). See photo.

Shipping method:

With the right packaging and temperature our snails can travel around the world. We are cooperating with a transport company which has refrigerated trucks, so that there will be a constant temperature for the live snails throughout their journey. Also, you can choose your own transport company under consultation and guidance with our company.

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