Helix Aspersa Muller or Cretan Screw

According to wikipedia, about 400 species of snails have been recorded in Europe and 4,000 species worldwide. The most common species in Greece are Helix lucorum, Helix pomatia and Helix aspersa muller.

Our company, Vitsakissnails, deals with the Cretan live wild snail.
We can say with confident that what makes our product’s quality, nutritional value and taste stand out is that it is not bred on farms, under technical conditions or artificial means. Instead, it is collected from its natural environment, where it reproduces and feeds without any human intervention. Its diet consists only of herbs and plants of Crete, most known for their beneficial properties.

Our snails are accompanied by their health certificate, which is signed by an official veterinarian of the Greek state who certifies that they are suitable for human consumption or processing. It also certifies that the snails are coming from an area that is not subjected to restrictive measures for animal diseases.
With the right packaging and temperature our snails can travel all over the world.

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