Processing & Export of Cretan Snail

Our main activity is processing and
sale of the Cretan live snail since 1973

Ποιο ειμαστε

Our company is active in the field of standardization and marketing of live wild snail, specifically the native Cretan variety of Helix Aspersa Muller also known as Cretan snail.
We are based in Heraklio, Crete and after 47 years of experience in harvesting live wild snail we have acquired a large clientele both in the domestic market of Greece and Europe.

We can say with confident that what makes our product’s quality, nutritional value and taste stand out is its origin. It is not bred on farms, under technical conditions or artificial means. Instead, it is harvested from its natural environment, where it reproduces and feeds without any human intervention.

Our expertise as well as the optimization of the production process, allow us to address a wider range of collaborations while maintaining the quality of the product at the same levels.

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Vitsakis Giannis